Los Gigantes

The name suits to a tee, because this is a cliff with challenging rocky walls climbing steeply with the same beauty as they penetrate into the bottom of the ocean plunging in the heart of the deep like stakes that have been solidified over the years.This unequal rocky wall is from 500 to 800 meters high and it can be spotted from nearly every point of the west coast of Tenerife.

To admire this cliff closely it is essential to approach it on an appropriate boat. Once there you will never forget the enormous size of this place created by nature.

Perhaps during or after your stay you will understand why ancestors considered this place as a sacred one. It was a worshiped site to the extent that they even thought the world’s end was in this heavenly place surrounded by the sun, saltpeter and fresh breeze together with the soft whisper coming from the sea, only interrupted by the occasional flight of a bird.