Asador El Portillo

One of most distinguished restaurant is located on an idyllic place, In the heights of San Miguel, Ask to their owners Miguel and Tere a “Parrilla completa” is in essence a barbecue grill upon which various meats are cooked, visible from the dining room in a long vertical skewer which rotates above the coals to slow-cook lamb and pork. See video

Main dish: steak in its variations, chicken, morcilla (blood sausage/black pudding), chorizo (sausage), homemade deserts

Municipality: San Miguel
Cuisine Type: Meats, Market foods – roast, Spanish “bodega”
Hours: 12 am – 12 pm
Food Price: 10€
Address: C/ el portillo nº19 – San Miguel
Telephone: 922 16 70 35